Sounds roughly like: man?
IPA: /man/ ?
 Easily confused with mân, which means "small" or "fine".
CEFR band: A2
Welsh for Adults level: Sylfaen/Foundation
noun masc. (rarelyfem.) (pl.mannau)
1. senses referring to physical locations
a. a location in physical spacea geographic location
Mae e wedi byw mewn sawl man ar draws y byd.
He has lived in many places around the world.
Penderfynodd Alan ofyn y cwestiwn mewn man arbennig.
Alan decided to ask the question in a special spot.
Mae'r ddesg wedi 'i gosod mewn man da.
The desk has been placed in a good location.
with a qualifying noun
a location where something specified can be found or where a specified action takes place
Mae yna fan gwybodaeth a siop.
There's an information point and a shop.
Rheoli problemau iechyd yn y man gwaith.
Controlling health issues in the workplace.
Mae'n cynnwys man chwarae ar gyfer plant.
It includes a play area for children.
c. a point (located on a physical object)
Ydy'r cysylltiadau yn mynd i'r mannau cywir?
Are the connections going to the correct places?
2. metaphorical uses
a. a stagea moment
Mae cymdeithas wedi cyrraedd man anodd.
Society has reached a difficult stage.
b. positionstatus
'Dyn ni wedi colli ein man canolog mewn cymdeithas.
We have lost our central position in society.
with a qualifying adjective
a featurean element
Y lluniau ydy man gwan y llyfr.
The pictures are the book's weak point.
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ardal (area)
lle (place)
pwynt (point)
fan(pl. fannau)?
Dyw e ddim yn fan prydferth.
It's not a beautiful place.
A man and a van
The English word van was borrowed into Welsh as fan. This wouldn't normally cause too much of a problem; man is most commonly treated as a masculine noun, and so wouldn't undergo soft mutation to become fan. However, like many Welsh nouns, man has traditionally been treated as either masculine or feminine in different areas of the country. The feminine form survives particularly often in idioms like yn y man / yn y fan (in a while). As a result, yn y fan could mean in a while or in the van! Context will help you to decide which meaning is correct.
man cychwyn
baseline;starting point
Idioms and phrases?
fan yna/yno or man yna/yno
(also: (yn) fan'na, (yn) fan'no, (yn) fynna)
Mae 'na bethau rhyfedd yn digwydd fan yna.
Weird things happen there.
Mae un draw fynna.
There's one over there.
Mae 'na draeth bach yn fanno.
There's a little beach there.
man a man
may as well
Man a man i fi fynd.
I may as well go.
man hyn or fan hyn or fan yma
(also: (yn) fan'ma, (yn) fa'ma)
Dere mewn man hyn 'da fi.
Come in here with me.
Fyny fan'ma yn rhywle.
Up here somewhere.
nawr ac yn y man
every so often; occasionally
Dw i'n defnyddio cafetière nawr ac yn y man.
I use a cafetière occasionally.
pob man or pobman
(also: ym mhobman, ymhobman, yn bobman)
'Dw i 'di edrych ym mhobman.
I've looked everywhere.
yn y man or yn y fan
soon; in a while
Gwnawn ni feddwl am hynny eto yn y man.
We'll think about that again in a while.
yn y man a'r lle or yn y fan a'r lle
right there and then; immediately
Bwytodd y cyfan yn y man a'r lle.
he ate it all, right there and then.
(yn y) man cyntaf
in the first place
Mae hyn yn bosibl oherwydd y gwaith a wnaethon ni yn y man cyntaf.
This is possible because of the work we did in the first place.
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