Sounds roughly like: guy-r?
IPA: /gair/ ?
CEFR band: A1
Welsh for Adults level: Mynediad/Entry
noun masc. (pl.geiriau)
a. the smallest independently meaningful unit of language
Dw i ddim yn gallu cofio'r gair.
I can't remember the word.
Dw i isio dysgu'r geiriau newydd.
I want to learn the new words.
in plural
a series of words combined into a meaningful instance of language in use
Doedd eu geiriau'n golygu dim.
Their words meant nothing.
Doedd dim geiriau ar ôl i'w dweud.
There were no words left to say.
in singular
a brief conversation or speecha chata few words
Oes modd cael gair gyda Gwenno?
Is it possible to have a word with Gwenno?
Mae'n amser i Awen ddweud gair o'i hanes.
It's time for Awen to say a few words about her background.
with o and a noun
words expressed for a particular purpose, which is denoted by the accompanying noun
Gair o rybudd: paid nofio yn y môr.
A word of warning: don't swim in the sea.
Dw i jest eisiau dweud gair o ddiolch.
I just want to say a word of thanks.
in Christianity
the expression of religious doctrine by a preacherthe Christian gospel (also in gair Duw, gair yr Arglwydd, etc.)
Rydyn ni'n rhannu'r gair gyda'r byd.
We share the word with the world.
Dyma air yr Arglwydd.
This is the word of the Lord.
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from Indo-European *gehr-(to exclaim, to call)
Bretonger word
Cornishger word saying
Irishgáir to shoutto laugh
Gàidhlig gàir to laugh
Latingarrire to chatter
Old Englishcearu grief sorrow
Topics and themes?
language and communication
cyfieithu (translate)
iaith (language)
neges (message)
dweud (say)
llais (voice)
sgwrs (chat)
siarad (talk)
llyfr (book)
llythyr (letter)
ysgrifennu (write)
in sense 1c
sgwrs (chat)
air(pl. eiriau)?
Dyma air neu ddau am Sioned.
Here's a word or two about Sioned.
gair benthyg
(pl. geiriau benthyg)
loanword;a word borrowed from another language
gair croes
(pl. geiriau croes)
harsh word(s);disagreement
 Don't confuse this with croesair, which means "crossword puzzle".
Doedd dim gair croes rhwng Siôn a Gareth erioed.
There was never a cross word between Siôn and Gareth.
gair drwg
(pl. geiriau drwg)
bad word;swearword
gair hud
(pl. geiriau hud)
magic word
prosesydd geiriau
word processor
Idioms and phrases?
ar fy ngair
on my word; (an assertion that one is telling the truth)
ar y gair
(also: gyda'r gair)
literally "on the word"
instantly; as I speak
Dyma Mr. Huws ar y gair!
Here's Mr. Huws as I speak!
gair am air
(also: gair yng ngair, gair yn air)
word for word; literal(ly)
gair dros ysgwydd
literally "a word over the shoulder"
an empty promise; lip service
gair i gall
(also: gair i'r gall)
a word to the wise; top tip
geiriau gwag
empty words; ineffectual or insincere speech
Dyna ddigon ar eiriau gwag y Prif Weinidog.
That's enough of the Prime Minister's empty words.
gorau prinder, prinder geiriau
literally "the best frugality, frugality of words"
least said soonest mended; brevity is the soul of wit
gwir y gair
literally "true [is] the word"
it's true; true that!
mewn gair
in a word; summed up briefly and succinctly
Mewn gair, mae'n hurt.
In a word, it's crazy.
mewn geiriau eraill
in other words; to put it another way
Mewn geiriau eraill, beth wyt ti eisie?
In other words, what do you want?
y gair olaf
the last word; the final thing to be said on a subject
Dydy'r drwg ddim yn cael y gair olaf.
Evil doesn't get the last word.
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